OUR WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, BECAUSE IT HAS TO. We are a creative group, focused on what we love and what we do best– designing impactful packaging & branding. Our group has taken industry-leading brands and challenger brands to market, with an eye on helping each of those products take their share of the business. You can find so many of those bold products flying from shelf to cart in big box and indie stores around the nation.

Brian Schultz Design is small, but we work big. Our unique vantage point is a rich understanding of real world design. It’s that much-needed balance of business knowledge that Brian Schultz brings to the process of creation that makes all the difference, and is why we know how to stay on track. Brian grew up in a successful family business and has held corporate leadership positions at large CPGs. So when he ventured out on his own, he knew that the greatest creative ideas wouldn’t reach their full potential without the right business mind. That’s why the entire group at BSD puts business before beauty.

We are always flexible and collaborative, taking into account your strategy, your budget and your customer. Our team gets to know your business, your product and your competition from every angle. And, with a group composed of veteran artists, writers and strategic thinkers, we can provide a wide range of services with a true focus on your product and finding its rightful place in the market.


This is the what, where, when, and how of your brand. As we research and get to know what’s in your product and all the elements that surround your product, we develop a positioning that elevates your brand. We make it our job to pull out those characteristics that make your brand unique and allow it to stand on its own and shine beyond the competition. What are your claims in the marketplace and how do they fulfill your customers’ needs? In the end, your brand strategy is your promise to your customers and should align with everything they expect.


What your customers see is what your customers get. Creating a timeless look is a fine art that takes so much consideration. We love the challenge of developing a look from scratch, or you may just need to refresh and build on your brand equity. Either way, that identity is the essence of you and your brand. That calling card, as small as it may be, has to say it all in the look, in the words, and in the spirit of what we create together. In everything we do, there is a collaborative effort to ensure there’s a real connection between your product and your customer.


Our design team is diverse and made up of industry veterans with experience in packaging, print, and in-store marketing. When we collaborate on a project, our knowledge goes way beyond just the packaging. Having skills and experience in advertising and marketing gives us an edge in knowing how your product and your packaging could be launched into the world. This context always has us thinking ahead in making your product, your packaging, your look, and your voice translate across all communications.


That shelf space is your door to success. Our packaging designs are what got us to where we are today because we never forget that this is the final step to purchase. This is where the tactile meets the beauty, where the decision-making is tipped one way or the other. We get excited about this challenge because every little nuance of the design has to be efficient, attractive, and informative. That shelf space is our final opportunity to advertise, to market and to win over your customers.


With so much experience on the production side of design, we know how important it is to first understand our design parameters. We will never go down a design dead end. It’s our business to know your production constraints and to know your budget. Once we know far we can go, we are of course pushing the limits while staying right where we need to be. So much can be done with various substrates, colors and labels that we are energized by the possibilities of your product becoming a standout on shelf.