Challenge: Refresh leading hand sanitizer brand. Build off of existing equities and create a solution that is flexible enough to be used for a variety of offerings from Scented to Back to School, Kids and Adult.

Solution: BSD explored a range of solutions to refresh the look, showing Vi-Jon possibilities from a simple update to a revolutionary redesign. We refreshed the classic Germ-X logo and iconic red “X”. New designs ultimately utilized existing components such as die shapes and bottles. Special back-to-school promotions were developed for Walmart, tying back into Wal-Mart’s Back-to-School graphics manual.

BSD created over a dozen designs that will be promoted throughout the year. The designs were so appealing that they made it difficult for the corporate buyer to decide. That’s the kind of problems we like to create.

Previous Packaging: After over 7 years in the market with this previous look the GermX brand needed a refresh.
Line Extension: Back-To-School is a big part of the Germ-X business. BSD was challenged to create a range of concepts that would be fun for kids and teachers alike to have in their class rooms. The “What Did You Just Touch…” Series concept makes the idea of keeping your hands clean fresh and fun.

Logo Refresh: BSD retained the equity of the well-known Germ-X logo while updating the typography and refreshing the iconic red “X”.

Key Message Graphics: Germ-X kills germs fast, and as such needed a fast way to communicate this message. This custom clock graphic was just the right idea to fit into a variety of product offerings, and is a perfect companion to their refreshed logo.

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